March 21 2013

CFPBA Elections

The Executive Board of the Florida PBA voted to bring CFPBA out of Trusteeship last month. Nomination forms for a new CFPBA Board were then sent out to all CFPBA members. Nominations were returned for the following members: Paul Smalley, Jerry Hagan, Bill Fowler, Paul Sanderlin, Brian West and Glenn Ford. Based upon the positions eligible for each agency there was no need for an additional member vote. Therefore, those members nominated became CFPBA Board Members.

September 23 2012

Vote and support your Candidates

The election is approaching fast. I would like to ask each of you to vote this November. If you are not able to vote on election day then request an absentee ballot or vote during early voting. Also, educate yourself on the issues and know why you are voting for a certain candidate. The CFPBA has done extensive work on your behalf regarding the candidates we have endorsed, so please take into cosideration those candidates. If you have the time, get involved in your candidates campaign.

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